Licensing & age restrictions

Unless stated otherwise, all Powerstation shows are R18. Those who are underage will not be able to attend shows, even if a legal parent or guardian is present. This is a licensed venue and valid ID will be required. Valid forms of ID are a current NZ passport, a current NZ driver’s licence, HANZ 18+ card, or Kiwi Access Card.

These are the only forms of photo ID / verification of age that are acceptable as per the Liquor Licensing Law.

Under the liquor licensing law, it is an offence for the Powerstation to admit or have onsite persons we deem to be intoxicated.

We request all attendees’ cooperation regarding the appropriate consumption of alcohol prior and during the event – if you are assessed as being intoxicated you will not gain entry to the venue.

All Ages shows

When a show is sold as both All Ages & Licensed R18, the venue will have two very separate & well-monitored areas. The unlicensed All Ages area of the venue will be totally alcohol-free.

No alcohol can be taken into the unlicensed area.

Patrons who are under 18 will be restricted to the unlicensed All Ages area. Patrons over 18 can enter the unlicensed / alcohol-free area. Suitably qualified venue personnel will be in place to administer the people entering & exiting these licensed & unlicensed areas.

Ticket holders under 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Pickup after the show

If you are being picked up post-show, please ensure your pickup person is on site at the completion of the event. There will be security monitoring the outside of the venue post-show for around 20 minutes only. It is important that all pickups take place prior to the completion of the security monitoring.