Buying tickets

Tickets are available through either AAA Ticketing or Ticketmaster – please check the ticketing links for each individual show.

If you purchase through Ticketmaster online and have selected venue pick-up as your delivery method, your tickets can be picked up on the night of the event only, from the Powerstation main doors. This service will be available from the time doors open only.

Third-party ticket resellers

Recent months have seen a large number of tickets purchased with stolen credit cards in both Australia and New Zealand resold through third-party sellers online. Reports have also surfaced through news media about punters buying fraudulent or misrepresented tickets through these third-party sellers. A couple of examples:

The Great Concert Ticket Rip-Off
Wheelchair-bound fan “tricked” by scalping website

AAA Ticketing and Ticketmaster are the official ticketing agents for the Powerstation. We cannot guarantee that tickets bought from any other source will be valid and grant you access to an event.

When buying tickets for a show at the Powerstation, we recommend first checking ticket availability on AAA Ticketing / Ticketmaster and purchasing through these official ticketing agents.

If you do decide to buy tickets through a third-party seller such as Viagogo, Queen of Tickets, online auction sites etc, we recommend you take the following steps to ensure you know what you are buying:

  1. Contact the seller to ensure the ticket you are purchasing is valid and as described.
  2. Contact the original (official) ticketing agent to request the ticket transferred to your name and email address / account.

If you have any concerns about a ticket you have already purchased, please contact the original ticketing agent (i.e. Ticketmaster / AAA Ticketing).