• Sunday 27 March 2016

Tweedy, made up of Wilco founding member and leader Jeff Tweedy and his eighteen year old son and drummer Spencer Tweedy, will perform their first ever show in New Zealand Easter 2016.

The band comprised of Jeff & Spencer Tweedy (The Blisters, Mavis Staples) on drums, features Jim Elkington (The Horse’s Ha, Eleventh Dream Day) on additional guitars, Darin Grey (On Fillmore, Brise-Glace) on bass and Liam Cunningham (Marrow) on keyboards, will be performing songs from theTweedy, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo and Jeff Tweedy solo catalogues.

Regarded as one of contemporary music’s most accomplished songwriters, musicians and performersJeff Tweedy started Wilco on 1994. The band have recorded nine remarkable albums and collaborated with Billy Bragg to bring to life three albums full of Woody Guthrie penned lyrics in the milestoneMermaid Avenue album series.

TWEEDY - The father/son duo’s debut album titled Sukierae (sue-key-ray), features 20 new Jeff Tweedy-written songs, was met with universal praise with Rolling Stone announcing “Sukierae – the first such outing by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, serves mostly to confirm what we already know: Pop Tweedy is one of the most emotionally fluent American songwriters around. It all adds up to another tour de force from a guy who's made a few” and The Music “It remains a Tweedy Snr affair in both scope and composition, and proves a fascinating foray into hitherto uncharted waters.”

Jeff Tweedy is not regarded as one of music’s most influential Artist’s by mistake or accident.

Come and see why

Tweedy "Low Key" (Official Video)

WILCO - "Born Alone"