Steel Panther

  • Tuesday 2 October 2012

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Like a probing tongue in an unwilling ear canal, Steel Panther will insinuate themselves into your consciousness despite your strongest objections.

They hark back to an earlier, simpler time when men with girly hair and unfeasibly tight trousers peddled neanderthal attitudes and trite songs to absolutely no acclaim and often outright hostility. Steel Panther revive this proud tradition of 80s glam metal, complete with wailing vocals, inane guitar riffs and reckless use of hair products.

But perhaps Steel Panther and indeed the entire glam metal genre is misunderstood. Whereas other bands might sing about nihilism and the apocalypse, Steel Panther and their ilk celebrate the Dionysian, the Eternal Party - the naked id that is always searching for the fleeting, elusive wraith known as A Good Time. Or maybe they just want to get fucked up and score chicks. Whatevs!

Their latest album (their second) Balls Out continues where their debut Feel The Steel left off. That album's definitive statement of intent 'Death To All But Metal' finds its echo in the tender love ballad (and surely the soundtrack to a thousand unplanned pregnancies) 'It Won't Suck Itself'. '17 Girls In A Row' is not, as you might think, a supportive and even feminist paen to the fairer sex, just as 'Just Like Tiger Woods' does not celebrate the gifted golfer's prowess on the fairway. As one critic noted ' Forget the Mayan prophecy. If Steel Panther ever write a song that doesn't mention their cocks in some way, we'll know the apocalypse is here.' They don't call it 'cock rock' for nothing people!

Last year saw Steel Panther support Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Guns 'N' Roses and recent shows have seen the band joined on-stage by such luminaries as Paul Stanley, Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach, Tom Morello, Drew Carey, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Jerry Cantrell, Billy Ray Cyrus and the most reviled man in rock Chad Kroeger. While nominally a satire of glam metal's worst excesses, Steel Panther's acceptance by so many of the glam metal community and their sheer pulling power have seen them rise beyond a mere novelty act.

Their interests include girls, animal print and girls in animal print, so don a leopard print headband and spray on some pants when Steel Panther play the Powerstation on October 2nd.

Steel Panther are:
Michael Starr - vocals
Satchel - guitar
Lexxi Foxx - bass
Stix Zadinia – drums

Franko to support Steel Panther. Born in New Zealand but raised by the World. Franko grew up with huge admiration for the top popular artists from around the globe. Whether it was Hip Hop, Dance, Rock or Pop, if it had a great melody, lyrics that touched & a beat that moved he would be there in awe then use these songs as inspiration to create his own weaponry of original songs.

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