Sleaford Mods

  • Friday 26 May 2023
  • Saturday 27 May 2023


A final 50 tickets are now released for the long since sold-out Friday 26 May show at the Powerstation.

The Saturday 27 May Powerstation show is selling fast but still available.

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Sleaford Mods, the British post-punk electro duo known for their politically charged lyrics and energetic live performances, has announced a second show in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday 27 May. This additional show is added after the band's first show sold-out off the bat with fans clearly remembering their legendary sold-out debut in 2019.


Sleaford Mods are returning to New Zealand this May for their second visit following their sold-out debut NZ show in 2019 at Auckland’s Powerstation. Bringing with them a brand new album UK GRIM, that is set for release March 10,2023 via Rough Trade Records.

Truly the sound of now, not only in terms of the ideas and issues Jason Williamson's strong words invoke, but also thanks to the innovative and immersive production of Andrew FearnUK GRIM is an urgent and sage-like look at life, living and the gritty reality of our era and the Nottingham duo's most dancefloor friendly release to date.

UK GRIM features the recently released title track and their sinister new single 'Force 10 From Navarone', featuring guest vocals from Dry Cleaning frontwoman Florence Shaw plus a collaboration with Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction on album track, 'So Trendy'. 

UK GRIM is the band’s twelfth album, and another stunning step up as their stages, horizons and output grows. 2021’s Spare Ribs was their third UK Top 10 album since 2019 and their most successful yet. Sleaford Mods and UK GRIM is nothing less than a defining band and voice of their generation as with their musical forebears like The Jam, The Clash or Public Enemy

Angry yet artful, innovative yet possessing an instinctual energy that irresistibly moves bodies and minds, UK GRIM is an erudite electronic vision that truly engages with times that have been anything but 'precedented'. SLEAFORD MODS hail from Nottingham in England and are Jason Williamson (lyrics and vocals) and Andrew Fearn (music).

They are a band like no other.

THIS SHOW IS LICENSED R18 ONLY. A valid photo ID will be required - any current passport, a current New Zealand driver's license, a HANZ 18+ card or Kiwi Access Card. - FOR MORE INFO ON AGE RESTRICTIONS CLICK HERE.

Sleaford Mods - UK GRIM (Official Video)

Sleaford Mods - Jolly F*cker (Official Video)

Sleaford Mods - SMtv UK GRIM Special