The Sisters of Mercy

  • Wednesday 22 February 2012

The Sisters of Mercy’s first show at the Riley Smith Hall of the Leeds University Union building introduced their haunted industrial grooves alongside an audacious selection of rewired classics from the likes of The Velvet Underground and Leonard Cohen. This time The Sisters of Mercy will perform new material and reworked covers, while exploring the depths of a 30-year career filled with equal parts melody and menace.

The Sisters of Mercy have undergone line-up changes since their inception, but at the core of a synthetic sound powered by their resident drum machine Doktor Avalanche, there is the brooding baritone of front man Andrew Eldritch. Both Eldritch and the good Doktor will play The Powerstation, with Chris Catalyst and Ben Christo grafting hypnotic riffs onto their mechanoid foundations.

For three decades The Sisters of Mercy have operated according to a self-written manual, unbeholden to record company demands or narrow genre descriptions — don’t miss the band make history when they play their very first New Zealand show in February.