Shakey Graves

Interview: Shakey Graves – Living The Dream with The 13th Floor

The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda had a chat with Shakey Graves as he was working on his new home studio and talked about why he felt the need to broaden his sound & his upcoming show. 

Marty Duda "So you’re going to be in Auckland on the April 24th to play at the Powerstation, and I’m gathering that it’s going to be a different kind of show than what we’re used to because you’ve been here a few times before. So tell us what we can expect when you get here."

Shakey Graves "You’re definitely going to get some new tricks on an older boy. But you know overall I try not to be going somewhere I don’t go all the time. I’m not going to fly all the way there just to force you guys to listen to the new record that I did. As much as that would somewhat please me, I basically take the whole body of music on the road. So there definitely will be plenty of stuff off the new record, there’ll be stuff from the old records, some solo stuff, acoustic thing, it’s a variety show."

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Shakey Graves a.k.a Alejandro Rose-Garcia was born in Austin Texas to a musical family and is best-known for playing a smoky, spectral fusion of blues, folk and rock in a stripped down one-man-band style.

Shakey Graves live performances can be deceiving. Up to now, he’s been categorized as an Americana singer-songwriter, thanks to his traditionally rooted songs, fluent acoustic-guitar picking, Texas roots and cowboy hat, looking like a one-man country band. But the tag will undoubtedly be dismissed as restrictive and irrelevant once discerning listeners hear his radical new album performed live in Auckland next April.

Back in December 2017, Shakey Graves proclaimed on his Twitter page, “Next album. New sound. Sell your suspenders.” The tweet was tongue-in-cheek, but Alejandro Rose-Garcia, the Austin native who’s been plying his trade as Shakey Graves since 2007, was making a dead-serious point about his latest album, Can’t Wake Up. This ambitious, audacious work heralds an artistic metamorphosis for the 30-year-old veteran, whose risk-taking in painting outside the lines has been rewarded tenfold. “This record is the most I’ve ever intentionally worked on a project, musically speaking, in terms of the scope of it and how much thought went into it,” he says. “It’s a dense album; there’s a lot of information going on.”

Known for his interactions with the fans during the show, we’re looking forward to seeing Shakey Graves live in Auckland this April!


Shakey Graves - Roll the Bones - Audiotree Live