Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox

  • Saturday 29 August 2015

There is a very good possibility that many of you have seen or heard of the terrific musical collective known as Postmodern Jukebox on one or more of your preferred social media platforms. These clever and talented viral-video/YouTube sensations have likely shown up on yours or a friend's Facebook wall---no doubt ecstatically captioned with glowing praises for their uncanny ability to take a contemporary pop hit and reincarnate it into a superb, vintage-flavored songbook standard from the last century. 

The brainchild of arranger/pianist/musical genius Scott Bradlee, Postmodern Jukebox’s primary raison d'ĂȘtre has been to repurpose today's radio staples (think Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Lorde, Nikki Minaj, etc.) and infuse them with the sounds that are more likely to be found in your grandfather's old vinyl record collection: old-school jazz and ragtime standards from the 20's, 30's and 40's, croony doo-wop tunes from the 50's, 60's rock and R&B anthems, or perhaps even sultry 70's soul jams. Just like with their popular videos, each song in PMJ's live concert bridges the gap between generations, providing fresh, yet familiar-sounding tunes that can be enjoyed by all ages.

 Imagine a BeyoncĂ© or Britney Spears song reworked as if they were earmarked for Louis Armstrong, Scott Joplin, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, or Nina Simone -- and accompanied by a rousing mini-big band that sounds like a cheekier Benny Goodman Orchestra on Red Bull. The results? Refreshingly educational, absolutely irresistible, and, most important of all, genuinely entertaining.

Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart