Odd Future

  • Thursday 19 January 2012

This phenomenon is called OFWGKTA - Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or simply Odd Future. Tyler, The Creator is the centre of the wolf pack and around him is a whole formation of young, talented rappers. Formed in 2007, with ages between 17 and 25, they’ve already released numerous mixtapes and studio albums, all for free at the band’s website.

The crew’s crude sense of humor and confrontational subject matter earned them a huge underground following and put them on ‘top artists to watch’ lists. Odd Future have gone from underground sensations to one the hottest new acts in the world in just a few months with Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Best New Artist’ win at the 2011 Video Music Awards and his Yonkers video being viewed more than 30 million times. The group’s energy, uncompromising lyrics and raw talent have ensured they’ve shrugged off the initial ‘internet hype’ labeling.

Their ethos is well-defined — either you're in or out, for Odd Future or against it. And in that categorical way, it makes them the perfect rap crew for our time.