The greatest post-rock band on the planet. The magnificent, the majestic, the masters of some of the most sublime mind-bending music ever made. MOGWAI.

Solid Entertainment are proud to present the incomparable Scottish post-rock titans Mogwai, bringing their legendary live ferocity back to New Zealand for the first time in nine years. Unleashing their colossal sound in all its beauty and rage, the tour will feature Mogwai’s UK 2021 number one record As The Love Continues, as well as classic Mogwai tracks from their innovative career.

Opening the show will be CELINE, a guitar-based shoegaze noise rock trio from Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau.

One of the best loved and most ground-breaking rock bands of the past three decades, Mogwai’s reputation is as vast as their thunderous music. Their incendiary live performances are known for their intensity and sonic brilliance captivating audiences with their expansive dynamic range. Mogwai shift seamlessly between delicate, mellow, tranquil melody, atmospheric soundscapes, hypnotic driving krautrock, through to pile driving headbangers and pummelling earthquake riffs.

Witnessing Mogwai perform live is a fully immersive experience – seeing, hearing and feeling a band and a sound like no other. Lost in music. You bet.

“It quietens almost to silence, and then the sonic onslaught begins, and for a moment, slamming my head to the downbeat, I’m in a packed room, feeling the heat and the sweat of what music can do. I can almost taste it. When the moment commands it, Mogwai still take you there.” (The Guardian)

“Near the end, I turn and see a man covering his mouth in astonishment. Yep, it really is that good……This is live music at its best: a powerful and transformative experience.” (Louder Than War)

Now ten albums in (all universally acclaimed) and still no disappointments or mistaken creative left turns. Mogwai continue to grow by always delivering sonic excellence while getting broader and broader in their vision. Like Nick Cave and PJ Harvey they remain a band whose favourite album is their last one. You may know what to expect from Mogwai, but you will never get the same.

Their last album As The Love Continues reached number one in the UK album charts reflecting Mogwai’s stature as one of the most revered bands operating in left-field music, and the passion of their huge and loyal fanbase. The album was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize, won the Scottish Album of The Year Award and Mogwai headlined London’s Alexandra Palace to 10,000 people.

Mogwai are considered by many as the blueprint of what an independent group should be, and one of the most consistently brilliant musical forces on earth. The rock sphere spins and spins and, in the end comes the realization that Mogwai were not just on the axis, they were the axis.