Midnight Youth

  • Friday 28 October 2011

Hard as it is to believe, it’s been three years since we last heard from the group. Their ubiquity in the mainstream on the release of The Brave Don’t Run saw them pick up awards which included ‘Best Rock Album’ and ‘Best Group’ at the 2009 New Zealand Music Awards, while the single ‘The Letter’ collected the award for Most Played Song on NZ radio in 2009

The singles ‘All On Our Own’ and ‘Cavalry’ certainly gave the charts a shake-up, and with new album World Comes Calling soon to be released, this show will give fans the opportunity to be the first to hear the old hits and the new songs road-tested in a truly worthy rock venue!

While the band may have been quiet on the home front, don’t be fooled. Midnight Youth have been on a relentless gig schedule in both Australia and America. The result has seen the band solidify as a musical unit, enthralling audiences with their enthusiasm and raucous live energy, and they can’t wait to be in front of a New Zealand audience again.

“We’ve had much more experience, a thousand times more beers and done a thousand times more live shows,” says lead guitarist and backing vocalist Simon Oscroft. “And this is the first time we've been able to take over and headline the Powerstation and play our full live show to our own fans. We’re also really into the fact that we’ve been able to keep the entry price so cheap — that’s important to us — not just as a band but as fans of music,” adds singer Jeremy Redmore.

Joining Midnight Youth for this one-off show is Young Lyre. You know that band that you love to dance to, the one where you get off your seat no matter what mood you find yourself in, or who you find yourself around? Young Lyre is the New Zealand supply of that very same sonic goodness. These Auckland lads make the sound a dance move would make if it had lungs and a smoke machine.  Young Lyre have opened for international acts such as Green Day and Train as well as a handful of popular local acts in towns all across New Zealand, further perfecting their sound, live performance and dance skills for those lucky enough to experience them.