Little Bushman

  • Saturday 9 April 2011

Built on the shoulders of classic 60s psychedelic rock, lyrical folk and contemporary New Zealand blues music, Little Bushman exemplifies unpredictable, musically sincere experimentation. Serving it like a slow acting shot of adrenaline, through live performance and recorded output, their presence has been felt both here in NZ and abroad.

Formed by Warren Maxwell after Trinity Roots disbanded in 2005, fellow Wellingtonians Rick Cranson, and brothers Tom and Joe Callwood joined him in forming what has been described as a “prog-y psychedelic rock band that wears its 60s and 70s influences on their sleeves”. This was indeed a new birth. Echoes of Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Cream filled the air as these fine musicians strutted their stuff.

In April 2011 Little Bushman release their third studio album Te Oranga, the long anticipated follow up to 2007’s Pendulum. From a delta-esque hoedown reciting the cycle of life, to an alternative cosmic take on ‘Creation’, the sheer diversity between the songs allows for a meandering dynamic which promises to make for great listening. Te Oranga is their tour de force.

To celebrate the release of Te Oranga, Little Bushman are taking to the road to perform a number of stellar shows throughout NZ, which will be their first solo performances in well over a year.

Little Bushman are proud to perform these shows first, right here, in Aotearoa. Soon after they head across to Australia for a handful of shows, including the revered Byron Bay Bluesfest.

Excited at the prospect of treading the floorboards of the Powerstation for the first time, band front man Warren Maxwell says “We are excited about taking our show to the next level, and the Powerstation is the most fitting place for that. I can’t wait to take this to our audience and give them the best show we possibly can”.