• Friday 26 July 2019

New Zealand collective LEISURE to play the Powerstation Friday 26th July & release of their eagerly awaited sophomore album TWISTER.

LEISURE: “It’s been two and a half years since we released our debut album. Admittedly, we had no idea what we were doing at the time, the only certainty was that the combination of the creative energies when we were all in a room was a feeling none of us had felt before.”

“LEISURE have no bad tracks to their name, so it follows that their debut album is one of the very best this year” - HillyDilly.

“The Kiwi collective hasn't missed a step since first catching our ear” - Pigeons and Planes.

The collective’s self-titled album has now amassed 65 million streams, with an ever-growing worldwide fanbase who continue to connect with their manifesto to “keep things LEISURE”. This marks a new chapter for LEISURE who head to Europe in early May for a sold out headline show in London, before heading to Paris and Berlin and back to the UK for The Great Escape.

“We make our favourite things when we become creatively unconscious. Our sophomore album was a good opportunity for us to explore new ideas. We took turns as the album took shape to fall in love with each song and the process of how each one was made. We land with an eclectic collection of 14 songs; each swirling with their own mood and colour. An album we are very proud of, TWISTER.”

TWISTER bends and breaks the boundaries between electronic, funk and soul. Fans have been given a few tasters already with infectious tracks ‘Feeling Free’, ‘Easy Way Out’ and the latest single 'On My Mind', a boiling pot of its predecessors.

“‘On My Mind’ is a song about “dealing with an intense magnetism to a significant other, giving in to the power that takes hold.”

Slow burners, face-slappers, shoegazers, strut-steppers and midnight moodmakers unite, for 2019’s highly anticipated; LEISURE - TWISTER.


LEISURE - Got It Bad (Official Video)

LEISURE - On My Mind (Live)