• Saturday 28 July 2012

It's been some five years since Kora's eponymous debut album garnered critical plaudits and massive popular success. Since then, the band have cemented their reputation as an unmissable live act - a genre-busting fusion that led one critic to dub them 'mystery musical superheroes'.  But what else would you expect from a band whose influences include Iron Maiden, Grace Jones, Faith No More and Prince?

2012 has seen the band hunker down in the studio to record the long-awaited follow up to 2007's 'Kora'.  Although the album's title and release date are still to be confirmed, a taster of the album - first single 'Dreamlife' - reveals something of the new direction that the band have described as 'Alien Funk'.  It comes on like an 80s arcade game crossed with P-Funk, while always remaining distinctly, absolutely Kora.

After such a lengthy studio gestation, the band are more than ready to take the new songs where they belong - in front of a live audience. There is no doubt that the new album will be one of the most successful local releases of 2012 and looks set to propel the band further into the league of not merely a great New Zealand band, but a world-class one.

The Kora brothers plus producer/beat-maker Dan McGruer play at Auckland's Powerstation on the 28th.

Wellington-based band The Nudge, renowned for their epic live shows, join Kora in Auckland. As a trio, they are all individually inspired by multi genres of music that help to form a complex sound often termed as psychedelic swampy blues with an element of party.

Listen to their new single 'Dreamlife' by going to the Kora Website


Kora - On My Mind