Johnny Marr

  • Thursday 16 July 2015

Frontier Touring look forward to welcoming iconic British guitarist and singer-songwriter, Johnny Marr, for an electrifying show in July 2015 at POWERSTATION!

A founding member of cultural institution The Smiths and performer alongside the likes of Modest Mouse, Beck, Talking Heads, The The and Oasis, Marr was already rock royalty before releasing his Top 10 debut solo album The Messenger in February 2013.

‘Each tune throws up a different style, creating a one-man compilation album that rifles through 25 years of lush or edgy genres, perfecting every one…The Messenger isn’t just a summary of everything worthwhile in contemporary rock music, it’s an insightful and informed dissection of life in 2013.’ – NME 8/10

‘One quick listen to The Messenger brings all his signatures rushing back -- the intricate, intertwining arrangements, the insistent riffs finding a counterpoint in the elastic yet precise melodies, a romance with the past that doesn't negate the present.’ – All Music 8/10

He’s one the most celebrated guitarists in the world. Armed to the teeth with classics and his own lauded solo works, when Johnny Marr hits New Zealand in July 2015 the show promises to be exhilarating display of talent from a revered virtuoso. 

Johnny Marr - The Messenger

Johnny Marr - "Easy Money" [Official Music Video]