Jake Bugg

  • Tuesday 30 July 2013

In October 2012 JAKE BUGG went straight into the UK Album Charts at Number 1.

He was 18 years old and is one of the most frighteningly talented, authentic real deal of a singer songwriter the country has produced in many years.

JAKE BUGG is an exceptional and unique artist operating in an area pretty much all of his own right now.

A working class kid from Nottingham writing about his experiences and mainlining into a wider emotional and cultural connection. He’s taken the UK by storm with his perfectly poised songs, his acoustic guitar and poignant lyrical tales. Nominated for a Brit Award in Feb 2013 but far more concerned with playing shows than attending ceremonies, Jake Bugg is scorching a troubadour’s path and setting the world alight wherever he and the band play.

A “precocious talent fusing retro folk with blistering contemporary rock riffs” (Clash Magazine)

Bugg’s remarkable debut album laced with wit, melody and an incredible lyrical turn of phrase has drawn comparisons with the greats of the past – Dylan, Guthrie, Cash and The Beatles to modern day musical giants like Damon Albarn, Noel Gallagher and The Arctic Monkeys.

he tells his tales with a delicate touch and the timeless poignancy of a troubadour twice his age……Jake Bugg is what the kids should really be listening to” (NZ Herald)

Simply Jake Bugg is the greatest mature-thinking youngest singer-songwriter to come out of Britain in an age…….YES BUGG IS THAT GOOD” (Waikato Times)

an 18 year old with a simply incredible turn of phrase and an intuitive way of linking story telling to emotion……nothing in recent years has touched his soaring songwriting” (stuff.co.nz)

“…this album topped the British charts. As It deserved to” (graham reid, elsewhere.co.nz)

Broken is a song of such towering beauty and elegance, it boggles the mind that a scruffy teenager barely old enough to shave could have written it” (NME)

"The sound of Rock n Roll being newly discovered" (Rolling Stone)

Jake Bugg effortlessly straddles the gap between authenticity and mainstream appeal and has instantly connected with music fans, critical opinion and a massive raft of famous names and some of the best musicians of our time. A connection for one reason only – the music, pure and simple.

The Stone Roses asked him to open up their secret London show and Noel Gallagher, a vociferous Bugg fan, invited Jake to play across Europe and the US with his High Flying Birds and Snow Patrol. Just two weeks before the Auckland show Jake Bugg will be the main support act for The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park London. Jake will then spend his summer of 2013 playing a huge run of all the key festivals.

It is with tremendous pleasure that we announce Jake Bugg and his band will be playing for the first time in New Zealand at The Powerstation in Auckland on July 30th. A first show from the most exciting and visceral singer songwriter in years. We think he’ll be around for many many years to come. We know you’ll love him.

Jake Bugg - Trouble Town

Jake Bugg - Someone Told Me (Acoustic)