Gomez The Quincenara Tour with Delaney Davidson

  • Thursday 25 October 2012

Gomez make a welcome return to NZ, performing at Auckland's Powerstation on Thursday 25th October. This will be their third visit to our shores.

Since their emergence on the English scene in the mid 90s, where their early demos caused a bidding war between record labels, followed swiftly by the Mercury Prize win for their debut album Bring It On (against such established heavyweights as Massive Attack, The Verve and Pulp), they have always been the ones to watch.

Fifteen years later the band are stronger than ever - they have exactly the same personnel and their latest album Whatever's On Your Mind has been hailed as the perfect amalgam of the 'lush pop of How We Operate with the free-form feel of early, beloved Gomez albums like Bring It On.'

To celebrate this milestone of fifteen years together, the band are embarking on a celebratory 'Quincenera' Tour. Meaning literally 'one who is fifteen' in Spanish, this tour gives fans the opportunity to help write the band's setlist via online voting - click to request songs for Auckland show.

The Gomez sound has consistently defied easy categorisation - blues, rock, folk, psychedelia and experiemental being the more obvious ones - and their seventh studio album Whatever's On Your Mind is no exception. With the band's members all living in different countries, the album began life as a series of 'musical chain letters', where each member would submit their demos to an online hub, allowing the others to tinker about with them. Over fifty songs were eventually whittled down to a core of ten and a brief stint at a recording studio in Charlottesville, VA produced Whatever's On Your Mind.

Gomez are (as ever!):

Ian Ball (vocals, guitar)
Paul "Blackie" Blackburn (bass)
Tom Gray (vocals, guitar, keyboard)
Ben Ottewell (vocals, guitar)
Olly Peacock (drums, synth)

Delaney Davidson joins Gomez on tour. Part man part wheel, Davidson is part wandering minstrel, part travelling salesman. One hand holds a small brown suitcase, his trade, his ghost orchestra, the other holds his guitar. Man of a thousand faces, his work with paint, music, film and concept all has traces of his unique take on life.

Part new world and part old world, this duality is echoed in the flavours he evokes with his work; Past VS present, too loud for folk VS too quiet for rock, Light VS Dark, Davidsons restless work refuses to be still for the portrait it is asked to sit for.

Gomez - How We Operate