The Get Up Kids

  • Thursday 11 August 2011

It’s been over ten years since five kids from Kansas City USA crashed the party of every punk-leaning teen worldwide with their breathless hooks and feverish intensity. In the blink of an eye The Get up Kids were suddenly the darlings of the underground. Visiting New Zealand this August, The Get Up Kids will be bringing that same attitude and depth, but more adhesive and endearing than before.

“All in all, they are one band that should not be missed at any opportunity” — Faster Louder

In 2005 the group played their presumed final set of tours dates before the band members continued with various individual projects. Pryor with the New Amsterdam’s and his kids’ music project, the Terrible Twos; Dewees with Reggie and the Full Effect; Suptic with his own Blackpool Lights; and the Pope brothers with Koufax. However, the group reunited after a four-year hiatus to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their classic album, 2009’s Something to Write Home About with a deluxe reissue and a tour.

Following this reunion the band wrote an album’s worth of new material that was to be released as a series of EPs. The first, Simple Science, arrived in April and promptly reached the Billboard charts, proving that the band still had a devoted audience. After the release of Simple Science, the band scrapped their three EP plan, instead combining the other songs with even more new material and releasing it as a full-length album. The result was their fifth full-length, There Are Rules, which the band self-released through their own Quality Hill label. The first full-length album in seven years, There Are Rules continues where last year’s Simple Science EP left off.

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