Funky Fred Wesley

  • Thursday 21 March 2013

Funkommunity & MC Slave's Logg Cabin to open for Funky Fred Wesley (and THE NEW JBs)

There is no doubt that New Zealand music fans love a good dose of funk. George Clinton’s Parlaiment/Funkadelic thang nearly brought the house down when they performed at The Powerstation two years ago. Now, one of the prime architects of the P-Funk groove will bring his own take on the funk to the very same venue.

FUNKY FRED WESLEY was an integral part of the P-Funk dynasty in the 1970s. In addition to playing on such classic Parliament jams as The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein and Motor Booty Affair, Fred fronted the righteously funky Horny Horns, a group that also featured fellow James Brown alumni Maceo Parker Richard “Kush” Griffith. Together they laid down some of the nastiest grooves of the 70s on their album A Blow For Me, A Toot To You which was produced by their P-Funk brethren George Clinton and Bootsy Collins.

Now is your chance to experience the funk live as Fred Wesley and his all-star band bring their audacious talent to The Powerstation. You can bet that Fred and his mighty trombone with be reaching back to the classics he laid down with James Brown and The JBs and the P-Funk thang. And knowing Fred, he’ll be looking to the future, taking the funk into places it’s never been before. Be there!

FUNKOMMUNITY are breaking through in New Zealand and Europe with their album CHEQUERED THOUGHTS and the cool video 'Pass It On'. FUNKOMMUNITY are an acclaimed collaboration between vocalist Rachel Fraser and producer/multi-instrumentalist Isaac Aesili. The pair cut their teeth in a veritable 'who's who' of NZ soul and hip-hop acts - Isaac has worked extensively with Ladi6, Trinity Roots, Shapeshifter and Opensouls. FUNKOMMUNITY expanded to a full five-piece band in order to become a fully-realised live proposition and spent most of last year touring Europe and Asia but have now returned home to consolidate their position as one of NZ's premiere soul/funk collectives.

MC SLAVE’S LOGG CABIN – Needing no introduction; MC Slave translates his legendary radio show to a live DJ set playing genre & mind bending musical selections. MC Slave tours worldwide with our very own funky legends FAT FREDDY'S DROP.


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