Flying Lotus

  • Wednesday 28 January 2015

Once in a blue moon, an opportunity arises to see the all-time greats and freshest up-and-comers on their very own stage. Laneway is excited to announce electronic wunderkind Flying Lotus, showcasing his now-famous 3D visual performance, improvised live by a team of graphic masterminds throughout the show.

Take Flying Lotus’ hand and let yourself be coaxed into the unknown. This is a sonic, visual and metaphysical fusion of technological innovation and virtuosity that amounts to a mind-expanding plasm celebrating his latest album You’re Dead!, Part spiritual carnival, part melancholic symphony, it’s an aural procession into the afterlife that equates to musical utopia.

You can see FlyLo in Auckland with his mind-melting hypercube 3D setup on Wednesday January 28 at the Powerstation in Auckland, presented by George FM. 

Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar