Eagles of Death Metal

  • Tuesday 22 March 2016

Balls-out, ass-shakin’, soul scratchin’, boot scootin’, neck lickin’, freewheeling just-for-the-hell-of-it raw, sleazy, dirty, sexy, groovy, good time, joyful, smile on your face pure unadulterated, psychedelic, blues and Rock. And. Glorious. Roll.

Eagles Of Death Metal was formed in 1998 in Palm Desert, California by best friends Jesse Hughes and Joshua Homme (who also founded Queens Of The Stone Age). EODMhave just released their fourth album Zipper Down, their first new studio release since 2008.

“The new album Zipper Down really represents to me an attitude and philosophy of life,” says Hughes. “One should not zipper up, they should zipper down and let it all hang out.” 

Despite their band name, EODM (Eagles Of Death Metal) is not a death metal band. The story goes that a friend was introducing Joshua Homme to the death metal genre, and Homme wondered what a cross between the Eagles and a death metal band would sound like. With that EODM was born and has never looked back, flying ever upwards and hell bent on good times. The band released Peace Love Death Metal in 2004, followed byDeath By Sexy in 2006, and Heart On in 2008.

EODM are known and loved by fans for simultaneously owning and mocking the overtly stylised image of Rockstars, all the while (Homme) describes their sound as a combination of "bluegrass slide guitar mixed with stripper drum beats and Canned Heat vocals".

This will be EODM’s first Auckland headline show since they tore the roof off the St James in 2007. Joining front man and guitarist Jesse Hughes on the road on guitars is Eden Galindo and Dave Catching, Matt McJunkins on bass and Julian Dorio on drums.

EODM (Eagles of Death Metal) - Complexity

Eagles of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard