• Thursday 12 September 2013

Billions Australia is chuffed to announce the return of CALEXICO to Australia and New Zealand in 2013 because a CALEXICO tour always offers an increasingly rare opportunity to experience a band of true quality, depth and integrity. Their unique brand of “desert noir” is a fusion of various influences including Portugese fado, 50’s jazz, gypsy music, 60’s surf & country twang, spaghetti western epics and dark and moody indie rock and, since 1996, it has earned them the right to inhabit and own their own special space in contemporary music. With Joey Burns and John Convertino at the helm the CALEXICO space is warm, approachable and effortlessly cool and when joined by their cast of musicians from across the globe it also offers one of the most reliable and fantastic live music experiences around.

Since their last visit in 2010 they have been busy with extensive touring, collaborations, two movie soundtracks (“Circo” [2010] and “The Guard”[2011]) plus releasing an anthology of live recordings cut from thirteen years of global touring (“Road Atlas”[2011]) and most recently the recording and release of their epic seventh studio album “Algiers” [2012]. “Algiers” was recorded in New Orleans and is CALEXICO at their finest – clearly inspired by the musical hotpot and soul of thecity in which it was recorded.

So after seven studio albums, multiple tour CDs & soundtracks, collaborations with the likes of Victoria Williams, Iron & Wine, Willie Nelson, Roger McGuinn and Nancy Sinatra, and 15 years of touring the world; the CALEXICO story continues to the benefit of music lovers everywhere. This is great stuff and we can’t wait to see them back in this part of the world.

"Utterly assured and fully aware of their intoxicating potency." – Q

"Widescreen frontier music created on the cusp of cultures and genres." – Uncut

Support on most shows along the way is New Zealand artist TINY RUINS who has just released her critically acclaimed second offering “Haunts”, the prequel to her cherished 2011 debut “Some Were Meant For Sea” which was described in global media as everything from "an absolutely gorgeous album", “exquisite” to “album of the year”.

Calexico - "Algiers"

Calexico - "Para"