Bloc Party

  • Thursday 7 March 2013

As concert promoters Bloc Party at TelstraClear in 2007 is etched very firmly in our memories as one of the greatest shows we’ve ever done. A thrilling, visceral endorphin rush of a night created by an exceptional band of trailblazers and a euphoric arena audience. Rock and roll, dance and rave, Bloc Party do it like no other.

“Something glorious happened….. absolutely magic moments in a set full of them” (Chris Schulz, gig review)

And now?

We are delighted to announce that the magnificent Bloc Party are returning and a real treat is instore. With Auckland Town Hall hosting the Auckland Arts Festival throughout March Bloc Party have decided to do something a bit special and perform their arena size songs in the relatively intimate club setting of the Powerstation in Auckland!

Bloc Party. at The Powerstation. Can you believe that?

The roofs gonna come off, pure and simple.
The faces will not be able to contain the smiles!

Bloc Party.. Four funky post-punk revolutionaries with a depth and energy seldom seen in modern rock. Incendiary, euphoric sell out shows with songs, attitude and energy to burn.

Bloc Party. Prescient. Trailblazers. Their melding of thrilling rock with electronica, processed beats and artful noise from several albums ago was a pre-cursor to how music is turning out today. Originators. Always relevant. Always now.

Bloc Party. Four albums - Silent Alarm (05), A Weekend In The City (07), Intimacy (08), Four (12).
The first, an NME album of the year, the last sold over two million copies. The band’s next show in London is Earls Court, capacity 19,000. Two weeks later they play at the The Powerstation.

Bloc Party. at The Powerstation. The word ‘legendary’ will be used. The word ‘history’ will be used.
One Chance. GET A TICKET NOW. This will be one of the greatest nights ever at a venue that’s had many great nights!

“Bloc Party are to be believed in because they are a band for the whites, the blacks, the straights, the hip-hop kids, the freaks, the geeks, the emo kids, the punk-funkers, the queers and, yes, the fashionistas”. (NME)

From us, the message remains exactly the same as last time:
Bloc Party are brilliant and unmissable – quite frankly everything you could wish for in a band.

Bloc Party. Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes, Matthew Tong. As always.


Bloc Party - Banquet

Bloc Party - Octopus