Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with Ghost Wave

  • Wednesday 20 November 2013

Review & Photos from Black Rebel Motorcycle

Making a welcome to return to NZ in November are Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, who are thankfully just as fuzzed-up and blissed-out as ever.

With a catalogue now six albums strong, the San Francisco trio's latest offering, this year's Specter at the Feast has been hailed in some quarters as their strongest, most poignant recording to date. The NME declared it 'beautiful and stately' - Angelo Badalamenti’s magificent Twin Peaks score is a definite point of reference - alongside more 'typical' BRMC swaggering riffage.

The album was written after the band lost one of their central figures in 2010, father to bassist Robert Been and the band's long-time sound engineer Michael Been. The album's cathartic tone has been described by Robert as "kind of this therapeutic process".

The majority of the album was recorded in Los Angeles at Dave Grohl's Studio 606, where the band used the infamous Nevermind console celebrated in Grohl's recent documentary 'Sound City'. It was also the console the band recorded their debut album on in 2001, which also gave the whole project a certain circle-of-life gravitas.

This makes BRMC's third visit to NZ, and fans can expect the usual Wall Of Sound, strobe-lit and dry-ice heavy show, alongside the more introspective and thoughtful elements of the new album.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Let the Day Begin

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Hate the Taste