Anika Moa

  • Thursday 28 May 2015

Anika Moa to play ‘Queen At The Table’ album release show in a very different POWERSTATION set up. 

 Anika and band take the show off the big stage @ the POWERSTATION and on to the floor, playing the show in the middle of the room, among the audience. The set up will turn the big venue into a more casual space. Creating a great set up to see Anika & band deliver the new material up close…. Very close indeed, With the room re worked in this format, capacity will be limited capacity. 

Queen At The Table was recorded at Auckland’s The Lab studio with Taite award nominee producer Jol Mulholland (The Mots, Gasoline Cowboy, Fuce, Mullholland) taking on production duties, giving the album a synthy, electronic touch and as always, Anika shines on Queen At The Table with her soaring vocals, tender voice and personal lyrics. Moa released her fifth studio album Queen At The Table April 10 and has received rave reviews. 

“There’s pain here, but joy too, and it’s all wrapped up in pop songs with just a bit of the R&B diva running through them. Anika style” –Metro Magazine, 5 stars

“Queen At The table is a mournful pop record, with a heavy influence of 90s R&B, Moas smooth yet distinctive singing soaring over deep, subtly electronic production”. – North & South

“Her latest release is pitched as a break-up album, yet Moa manages to make it an occasionally joyous experience. That is due to a couple of factors: firstly, her effortless, crystal-clear voice; secondly, an approach that mixes electro-pop, ethereal electronica and soulful R 'n B.” – Otago Daily Times